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90mm x 90mm
100mm x 90mm
100mm x 100mm

Easy Tee Junction

Easy Tee Junctions
Easily create secure T-junction cut-ins with the snap-on PVC Easy Tee Junction, suitable for 90mm and 100mm pipes.
Size 90mm x 90mm HW0910
Size 100mm x 90mm HW0911
Size 100mm x 100mm HW0912
  • 90mm x 90mm
  • 100mm x 90mm
  • 100mm x 100mm


Can be retrofitted to existing pipework
Install with 90mm offtake pipes
Made from lead-free PVC
Compatible for fitting to 90mm and 100mm pipes
Quick and easy to install with simple, snap-on design
Creates clean and secure T-junctions with minimal fuss and hassle
  • Specification

    Blue Mountain Co Easy Tee Specification Dimensions

  • Installation
    1. Select your desired installation point. The Easy Tee Junction can be installed on vertical and horizontal pipes.
    2. Use primer to clean the pipe around your chosen installation point and to clean the inside of your Easy Tee “Snap on cradle” and branch/offtake socket.
    3. Apply solvent weld glue to the inside of your Easy Tee “Snap on cradle” and to the pipe of your installation point, push the cradle over the pipe and hold in position for a minimum of 60 seconds or until secure.
    4. Allow the solvent weld glue to dry.
    5. Using the appropriately sized hole saw and drill (86mm for 90mm and 102mm for 100mm) cut a hole in the pipe through the branch/offtake socket of your Easy Tee Junction and install your 90mm or 100mm branch/offtake pipe.
  • What's in the box?
    • Easy Tee Junction
  • Tools you might need
    • Priming fluid
    • Solvent weld glue
    • Drill
    • 86mm hole saw or 102mm hole saw

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