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100mm x 25m
100mm x 360m

Temporary Downpipe

Temporary Downpipe
Temporary Downpipe is a safe, versatile and effective way to re-direct rain and storm water away from building sites or when cleaning roofs and gutter.
Size 100mm x 25m ST0023
Size 100mm x 360m ST0025
  • 100mm x 25m
  • 100mm x 360m


Attach to the gutter outlet and run to a stormwater discharge point
Prevents structural damage and movement, such as slab heave, by keeping foundations dry during construction
Manufactured from LLDPE
Logo reprinted every 500mm for easy measuring
Increase safety for all trade aspects working in wet conditions
Time efficient and cost effective answer to council requirements for environmental protection, sediment and erosion control on building sites
UV stabilized

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