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Can I use Blue Mountain Co vent cowls on my toilet or portaloo?


How do I install my chosen vent cowl product?

For detailed installation instructions, visit the Support page for your chosen product. 

Do I need to use a vent cowl if I have a Maelstrom filter installed on my tank?

Vent cowls are optional for rainwater tanks with and without Maelstrom filters. However, the benefit of a vent cowl is that it will ensure the unrestricted flow of fresh air within your tank. 

When would I use a weatherproof vs a standard vent cowl?

Both standard and weatherproof vent cowls allow fresh air to circulate within your rainwater tank. Weatherproof vent cowls incorporate a cap that shields the stainless steel screen from light (UV) and the weather. They can be used to provide a light (UV) and weather-proof vent on the top surface of your rainwater tank. 

Why is there a film on my tank screen?

Fine particles can accumulate on your tank screen’s mosquito-proof mesh. This may block the water flow. To prevent this problem, regularly maintain your tank screen or replace it with a Maelstrom filter. 

Do I need to screw my Solar Cover onto my tank screen?


Can I install a Maintenance Tray with a Solar Cover?


My tank is overflowing at the inlet rather than the outlet. What should I do?

Your tank outlet may be blocked by a blocked Mozzie Stoppa or another obstruction. Alternately, the bottom of your tank overflow may sit above the base of your tank inlet screen and/or tank inlet.  

Check your overflow outlet for the presence of a Mozzie Stoppa or other obstruction. If a Mozzie Stoppa is installed, remove and inspect it and clean if necessary before reinstalling it at the outlet or replacing with a Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean. Remove any other obstructions from your tank overflow outlet. 

If a blocked Mozzie Stoppa or other obstruction is not the cause of your inlet overflow problem or if your inlet overflow problem persists, check to ensure that you have an appropriate height tank overflow for your tank. The bottom of your overflow should sit below the level of your tank inlet screen. If you have an overflow that sits above the base of your tank inlet, you will need to replace it with a lower tank overflow. 

How do I clean my Tank Screen?

For detailed maintenance instructions, visit the Support page for your chosen product. 

How many pipes can I have going onto my tank screen?

It is common to have two 90mm (3″) pipes feeding a single tank screen. If additional pipes are plumbed, it is important to consider the capacity of your tank overflow outlets. Your outlets should balance your inlet pipe volume so that the combined cross-sectional area of the inlet pipes does not exceed the cross-sectional area of the outlet. You may need to install an additional tank overflow outlet or enlarge your existing one to accommodate the volume of water from additional inlet pipes. 


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