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Pressure Gauges 100mm

Pressure Gauges
Monitor your system with our easy-to-read 100mm pressure gauges.

Our pressure gauges come in a durable stainless steel housing,
with a 3/8" brass thread. Available in a dual scale range (psi & kPa)
with a wide range of scale options.
Size 100mm HW1004
Size 100mm HW1002
Size 100mm HW1005
Size 100mm HW1006
Size 100mm HW1003
  • 0-250kPa
  • 0-600kPa
  • 0-1,000kPa
  • 0-1,600kPa
  • 0-2,500kPa
  • Specifications

  • What's in the box?
    • Pressure Gauge

  • Tools you might need
    • 17mm spanner

    • Thread sealing tape

    • Knife

  • Installation
    1. It is important that you install your pressure gauge in an upright position for best performance.
    2. When installing, use the hexagonal flats on the brass threaded section with a spanner to tighten the gauge. Do not tighten the gauge by rotating the stainless steel body.
    3. To ensure the gauge seals properly, use an appropriate thread sealing tape on the 3/8” thread.
    4. Once the gauge is installed and sealing properly, you may pierce the rubber nipple on the top of the gauge to equalise the internal pressure and improve the accuracy of readings.

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