Welcome to Blue Mountain Co. 

You may remember us as Rain Harvesting, Blue Mountain Mesh, 421, Vincent, Every Little Drop or The RH Group.  

For 25+ years, we’ve been running each of these businesses under different names. However, they were always more similar than they were dissimilar. In addition to the same owner and same expert services team, each of our businesses was built upon the same three pillars of high-quality products, in-depth support and comprehensive education.  

That’s why in 2018, we decided to take the next natural step in our brand’s evolution, combining all our businesses under one name: Blue Mountain Co.  

This move has simplified and streamlined things not only for our team, but – more importantly – for you, too.  

New name. Same business.  

While we may have a new name, you can expect continuity in all the aspects of our business that you’ve come to rely upon.  

With the same innovative, high-quality products across our ranges, finding solutions for your home or building has never been easier. Our services team and specialists are still here, ready to go the extra mile like they’ve always done. Our business’s ownership remains unchanged, and all our warranty commitments still stand.  

What has changed 

That said, it’s not just our name and look that’s changed. We’ve also used our rebranding as an opportunity to create a better experience and service for you.  

Online and offline, you can expect a more seamless experience, with additional services and tools to make your life easier. We’ve streamlined our website and product offerings to make navigating between our complementary product portfolios easy. And with improved structuring and every-expanding content, we help you better access and leverage our resources and educational materials so you get the most from our range every day.